Money and cyberspace

May 9, 2008

Can the Queen use money or a stamp as I.D. ? It doesn’t have have her date of birth but does have a picture and her name. 

It also promises the bearer £5 or however much it is…but what is £5 ? It is a piece of paper ? Gold ? Silver ? corn ? flour ? 

Another thought where is cyberspace ? If everyone turned off their computers the internet and the infomation would still be there…but where is it ? How is it saved. Will we run out of space ? Who owns the internet ?…Hmmm


Clothist ?

May 8, 2008

Hoodies are offensive yet burkas aren’t….is that being clothist ?

Endnote…it is actually the end of my crazy notes !!!

May 8, 2008

Today I leant about endnote. I’m still a bit sketchy but there might be an endnote crs that I’ll pop along to in September. I no longer need to write all my references on scraps or worry about how to write references. Ed seems to understand it so hopefully i will be able to bribe him with sweeties (he’s not a child, but children seem to be more technonologiaclly advanced than me, God I feel like an old woman !!)

Ideas to start with.

May 7, 2008

I have been recently running ideas by myself of what areas to choose for my independant study. Narrowing them down has not been easy.
I love the idea of semiotics, denotation and connotation. I find it very enjoyable decoding adverts and pictures for myself (one of my guilty pleasures). I no longer mind that magazines have lots of advertisments. Through this I have also started looking at films and documentaries. The use of editing and sound to the same effect. A notable programme is Most Haunted, where ‘freaky’ voice overs and fast editing add to highten the scare factor. Does this have the same effect on everyone ? Are we becoming immune ? Are our imaginations slowly going ? Is it only because I’m looking that I notice ? Why do I enjoy decoding them so much ?
Another idea i had was looking into stereotypes and profiling. There are lots of types of profiliers- Psychological profiling, racial profiling, Criminal profiling. I’m sure the list is endless. It features in many crime solving tv shows. I always wondered how right they could be. Do we all fall into a stereotype ?
How cool would it be to piece together someone’s life and thoughts just from knowing their shopping, hobbies and hangouts ? Getting into someone else mind…our actions are controlled by the choices we make, but can someone else read those actions and anticipate what we will do ?