Vain or confident…Let’s just focus on the negatives.

June 10, 2008

Is it wrong to be vain ? Where is the line between vain and confidence of performing well ?
Why is it so socailly unaccepted to be able to say that you are good at something. Being confident you are said to have a large ego (which is viewed as a negative thing).
 However admitting your faults and complaining about difficulties is seen as normal.
It seems that is better to be negative, because if you aren’t people will be negative towards you (or worse behind your back.) It seems that no one likes a winner that beats them !


Before technology

June 10, 2008

I always thought that I was pretty old school. I prefer using note pads and exercise books. Writing feels better than typing and I love my fountain pens.
After a laptop failure I’ve realised the importance of the internet. What did we do before it.  Emails and update- although keeping everything in my notebook is fun, and phoning people is more personal lots of people and messages are only shared internet wise.
How much has the internet changed our lives ?
Following these thoughts I decided to have a miniture experiment and went without my mobile phone for 2 days.
I did not mind it, others did. I did have to buy a watch as I usually use my phone for a clock.
 It meant that I had to plan when and where I was meeting people. People have become more flexible due to mobiles. Being able to talk to people whenever wherever has stopped people from forward planning.
e.g. I was having a drink in town and wondered if my friend would like to meet me.
My friend was running an hour late from coming up from London and I was waiting to meet her.

Saying this it gives people the feeling that they are not alone, and in emergencies, mobile phones can ease situations. Mobiles are continuing to develop with added functions and have become a fashion accesories. Maybe in the future they will be implanted in our ears….. 

Death Star canteen

May 17, 2008

I saw this and thought it needed to be shared.

Money and cyberspace

May 9, 2008

Can the Queen use money or a stamp as I.D. ? It doesn’t have have her date of birth but does have a picture and her name. 

It also promises the bearer £5 or however much it is…but what is £5 ? It is a piece of paper ? Gold ? Silver ? corn ? flour ? 

Another thought where is cyberspace ? If everyone turned off their computers the internet and the infomation would still be there…but where is it ? How is it saved. Will we run out of space ? Who owns the internet ?…Hmmm

Clothist ?

May 8, 2008

Hoodies are offensive yet burkas aren’t….is that being clothist ?