Death Star canteen

May 17, 2008

I saw this and thought it needed to be shared.



May 17, 2008

What separates me from being you ?
We look different but surely this is just a different arrangement of cells.
We have different clothes but again its just a different collection of the clothing that shops sell.
We have different hobbies but they are just a choice out of the selection that most people have.

Bradshaw says:

“An individual’s personality is an aggregate conglomeration of decisions we’ve made throughout our lives.”

I believe this is true. I think that you ‘knock’ a personality into shape with the bumps of the road of life. How are personalities started ? do we all start as a blank piece of paper like a droid waiting to be programmed ? And if so why are only some of us curious and some not. Some out going and some shy ?  Is it all preditirmined by our surroundings and genes ?
 How do we make the choices that further our personal development ? How do you become the person that you are today ? Can you predict someone’s choice of life just by random information about them ?

Information is not identity

May 10, 2008

I recently needed to enter my bank details to pay to enter a charity marathon…an absurd idea in itself…paying to be sponsered to jog 10 km !!
I could not remember my barclays password and just by having the card in my hand and knowing my date of birth and postcode I was able to change my password. Which enabled me to buy and spend whatever I wanted.
But why is it called it identity fraud…they haven’t stolen your identity, just your information. What makes an identity ?

Money and cyberspace

May 9, 2008

Can the Queen use money or a stamp as I.D. ? It doesn’t have have her date of birth but does have a picture and her name. 

It also promises the bearer £5 or however much it is…but what is £5 ? It is a piece of paper ? Gold ? Silver ? corn ? flour ? 

Another thought where is cyberspace ? If everyone turned off their computers the internet and the infomation would still be there…but where is it ? How is it saved. Will we run out of space ? Who owns the internet ?…Hmmm