T.A. lessons

On a TA exercise we had an observation exercise. We had a load of objects hidden in the field in front of us. I must at this point congratulate the Army in making most things green, it makes it a damn lot harder to spot things due to camoflage.
But once all the items had been found we could tell what we were the enemy were going to be like.

 food and drink wrappers- well supplied and probably well moraled.
empty ammo boxes- armed and again well supplied, plus the type of weapon.
muddy footprints- rough guide to the size of at least one of the men.
burnt grass – stopped for a brew- well supplied with water, had time to stop and cook.

you see how a picture can be painted by just four tell tale signs.

In one of our military training qualification we were taught about factor, deduction and task.
What the thing is, what it means and what we have to do about it…is profiling an asbracted version of this ?


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